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Fellowship Committee

Mission Statement:  To actively engage all members, of all ages, of the congregation in koinonia—the sharing of time together through activities outside the mass.
We try to provide inexpensive day trips to locations around the State and follow that up w/a meal at a local restaurant!  Many of our activities involve just a potluck meal together after the service!

Murry’s Dinner Playhouse – On Sunday, July 22nd, right after service, we are going to Murry’s Dinner Playhouse to see Grease! The cost is $33/person (includes our tax and gratuity). The buffet opens at 11 a.m. and includes dessert and coffee or tea. Sodas and alcoholic drinks cost additional. The curtain rises at 12:45 p.m. We won’t be among the first in line for our food but, since most of the early birds have already gone through, our wait in line will be minimal!

Once again, we have the tables right down front so we don’t miss anything (plus a handicap-accessible table)! Please make your check payable to Murry’s Dinner Playhouse and give to Peggy Schultz by Sunday, July 8th. (The check won’t be cashed until 7/22/18.) Come and sing along to The One That I Want and lots more!

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