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Sunday School Teachers Needed!

Sunday school teachers are needed for this upcoming school year!  What a great opportunity to spread the good news of the gospel to our children, but to expand your own knowledge as well.  Remember a famous lady once owned the statement: “It takes a village”.  The village in this case is Hope Lutheran Church.  The children we see on Sundays and other days of the week belong to all of us and as such we share the joy of telling them about the wonderful ways Jesus works in their lives as well as our own.

What a great opportunity to get to know these wonderful little people and share in the shaping of their lives.We will have two classes: 8 and under and over 8.  Two sets of teachers are needed for each class to share the responsibility and coordinate on the teaching calendars.  Sunday school will start on 7 Sept at 0900.  We hope and fervently pray people are interested in this ministry.  Please contact the Pastor via the church office, 501-982-13333, or the Leader of the school board, Tim Luckenbach, 501-658-6517.   Again prayfully consider this ministry.

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