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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Thank You for Visiting during March

Janet Rudd; Freddie Riley; Lee & Janet Williamson; David Kloske; Aaron Schmidt; Dale Fischer; Seth & Meghan Mowery; Brad Herring

Happy Birthday!!!!

  3rd Chelsea Doll

  4thCarolyn Choate

  5thJessica Williams

10thBilly Huebner

11thRuss Bergan

14thRuss Hughes

Dianne Womack

17thLauren Atikins

18thBrian Stevens

20thDean Scroggins

23rd Clyde Schuetzle

25thKari Ratz

26thJack Thompson

28thAndrea Hughes

30thGreg Schalk

Happy Anniversary!!

  4thBob & Carolyn Choate

14thBrett & Rachel Bollinger

30thJeff & Alex Rocker

Happy Baptismal Birthday!!!

Carolyn Choate; Betty Frey; Bailey Miller; Clint Miller; Clint Miller Jr.; Erma Peiffer; Larry Sweet; Harley Walden; Mark Walden; Dianne Womack.

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